Commissioned Work – Elvira Aykut-Fits Of Colour Design

Commissioned Work

Collaborate with me to create custom designs, or a different colour palette from one of my designs for your home :

*  wall art

*  cushions

*  wallpaper

*  lamp/light pendants

*  rugs

You might have an idea of what you would like in colour or colour variations and combinations, and maybe a particular design style or you might just want to leave it completely up to me, either way you can book for a consultation with me through my email below, or on the "message us" link from messenger on the bottom right hand side of the page. Alternatively you can email me using through the "contact" section.

If you would like me to visit your home it would include a fee of $150 for a consultation as to what art, or home decor piece you would like to add to transform your home into your individual space. This fee will have to be paid either before the consultation or on the day of the consultation.

Thank you for your interest in my art and design style.