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How Contemporary Art Decor Can Transform Your Home

An appreciation of vintage things is common to many interior decorators, and it’s understandable that people like to stick with the classics. However, the competing popularity of contemporary art decor is not without its attractions. While the classic lines and standard choices can make a home look immaculate, there is more to life than keeping things simple. When you choose contemporary looks, you can have the transformative effect that turns a home from cosy to captivating.


What is contemporary art decor?


The choice of decorative art in a home can give the whole place a sense of identity. For decades the default choice has been for agreeable, muted standard looks, but the contemporary approach brings a disruptive element of uniqueness. Many interior designers would agree that adding color brings a sense of life to a home that brightens everything up. There is still a sense of coordination to the best contemporary finishes, which goes to show that you don’t have to sacrifice professionalism to gain some personality, nor vice versa.


The fashion, for decades, has been to pick out soft furnishings in more muted tones such as taupe and magnolia. A contemporary designer such as myself will maintain the importance of matching pieces and avoiding a clash, but will embrace color and sharp designs in their mood boards. There is no reason a couch cannot be more brightly coloured, or adorned with throw cushions in bold patterns. Contemporary design is courageous enough to look at a standout motif on both curtains and rugs, and recognise that with the right accompaniments, they can work perfectly.


How can you achieve transformative art decor?


Changing the look of your interior is one thing; transformation is another entirely. Replacing a few cushions with something a little jazzier is a change, and can be perfectly pleasant. Transformation is something bigger, brighter and bolder than that - it means picking pieces that will stand out, colours that are usually only used sparingly, and turning a sober space into a more adventurous location. As for how you can achieve it, the truth is that it’s really up to you. This isn’t about matching someone else’s vision in your home - it’s about you getting brave with your own design preferences.


The key with transformative art decor is to remember that it’s not about standing out for the sake of it. It’s easy to pick bright colours and surprising patterns and place them anywhere. It takes a more discerning eye to find which items will work together, pick the right lampshades to match the removable wallpaper, and envision a finished room or rooms that make the best of their choices. In the end, however, the person making the final decision is you - so the most important element in achieving transformative art decor is whether you are happy with it. As long as you have a finished product that makes you happy, it’s a success.

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