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Meet Elvira


Hi, I’m Elvira..........I have a passion for art, design and colour which invariably comes through into my life and my work.

I believe that if an art piece makes you happy in your home, then I’ve done the most important aspect of creating art and have done my job right. Art is like an expression of oneself, it's like placing your feelings out there to be absorbed and analyzed. It's about creating a reaction whether it's good or bad, and creating a mood. I love how art reaches out to people to evoke a feeling or mood and bring about a conversation.

The first thing people notice about my art are the colours. Colours create a vibration that elevates my mood. It's like an addiction, and I am addicted to all colours and the thousands upon thousands of tone variations and combinations you can place together to create an art piece. Colours are like my life force, my drugs so to speak!

As an artist, I find it very hard to choose a favorite medium. I used to love oil painting for it's thick, "juicy" texture and how you could mix the colours even on the canvas, creating layers and different textures with different tools like brushes, palette knives, or even my fingers.Today I mainly work with digital art, taking a lot of photos, and transforming them as an art piece, or transforming it from photo to an abstract art piece.I am inspired by the way sunlight might shine on an object or subject, by nature itself, or by seeing a movie and becoming nostalgic towards a particular era, or history.

 Life Experience

 Art has played a major role in my life for as long as i could remember. I am mainly self taught, always drawing and creating something that resembles art. I have studied costume design, commercial arts, interior design and decoration, and the art of stained glass panels. For almost 20 years my husband and I ran a glass studio, creating stained glass panels, mosaic art/sculptures, murals, canvas art, and ran art classes.

I've sold and placed my art in various galleries and shops in the Dandenong Ranges (Tourist location) in Victoria, Australia, and also created commissioned art and design pieces for interior designers, builders and people from all walks of life drawn to my artistic style.

My latest artistic muse is to work on surface design and to take my signature eclectic designs and turn them into scarves, decorator items, including removable wallpaper.

I am inspired by the places that I travel to, their history, and most of all nature itself. Above all I love how art tends to evoke certain emotions or memories, and I have a passion for creating individual spaces and a bit of drama for people and their homes.

Thank you for bringing my colour inspiration to life in your home

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